Coupe de poumon humain

The Immunology Axis is made up of 16 teams studying all aspects of immunology from fundamental mechanisms to clinical studies in homeostasis and disease. Research performed by our teams has advanced our knowledge of the biology of many innate and adaptive immune cell populations at the molecular, cellular, and organismal levels. Our investigations bring new understanding to immunity in diverse settings such as mucosal surfaces and distinct organs; and to a wide variety of diseases such as cancer, autoimmune and non-infectious inflammation, and infection.
To answer our research questions, or to test diagnostic, therapeutic, or vaccine strategies, we use cellular approaches, preclinical animal models, and human clinical studies, often in close partnership with the Hôpital Cochin. Close collaboration with the excellent core facilities at Institut Cochin allow us to take advantage of the latest imaging, omics, and immunomonitoring approaches. Additional partnerships include networks within the Université Paris Cité (Institut Hors Murs Microb’Up), national networks (laboratories of excellence: Milieu Intérieur, SIRIC CARPEM, DCBIOL, IBEID, INFLAMEX, GR-Ex, Who Am I) and international networks (FHU Prema, IMI2 INNODIA, T2EVOLVE). Finally, to support community engagement and education, our teams participate in “open doors” events and welcome trainees of all levels into our laboratories.

The teams