The MOUSET’IC core facility proposes its expertise and its services for:

  • The creation of genetically modified mouse models
  • The line rederivation
  • The cryopreservation of lines

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  • A Nucleofector (AMAXA II System) and an Electroporator (Biorad Gene Pulser XcellSystem-2010) for the transfection of ES cells.
  • Two Leica micro-injection stations (ASTP/AM6000)
  • Two XYClone Laser Systems (20X) for injecting 8-cell stage embryos (2009)
  • A DNA extraction system (KingFisher Flex) in 96-well plate (2011)
  • A Nano-digitcool cryogenic freezer (2018)
  • Three accommodation rooms equipped with ventilated racks (Innovive and Tecniplast)


To be signed when establishing the project


Realization of the construction

For conditions, contact Marcio Do Cruzeiro

Electroporation or nucleofection

This step includes electroporation, selection of clones, delivery of lysed resistant clones to be analyzed by the project team. If the analysis of your clones lasts more than two to three months and your ES clones stored at -80°C do not start again, to undertake a new electroporation, you will have to pay again for the ES culture stage.

This ES culture step will be invoiced at the current rate when we will be in possession of the construction to be electroporated.

Prices :

Institut Cochin  5000 € HT
Other academics  7000 € HT


Obtaining heterozygous mice lacking the selection cassette, if the cell culture is carried out at the platform

This step includes the amplification of a positive clone, its karyotype, the injection of the positive clone, obtaining chimeric mice, as well as obtaining heterozygous mice, on the C57B6 / N background lacking the selection cassette .

Prices :

Institut Cochin  6000 € HT
Other academics  8000 € HT

An additional mouse line can be established:
Prices :

Institut Cochin  3000 € HT
Other academics  4000 € HT

This step of micro-injection and obtaining your heterozygous mice will be invoiced at the current rate once the positive clone has been confirmed.

Obtaining mice, if cell culture is not carried out at the platform

The following are not guaranteed: the obtaining of chimeric mice and the obtaining of heterozygous mice, because they depend on the culture conditions of the ES cells.

This step must necessarily be preceded by an expertise in order to ensure the correct profile of the positive clones to be injected. Stage including the karyotype and the injection of the positive clone into the embryos in order to obtain a maximum of 10 litters.
You will therefore be systematically billed for this step.

Prices :

Institut Cochin 6500 € HT
Other academics 9000 € HT


As soon as we obtain the first heterozygous animals, you must collect them within a month of birth

Accommodation, beyond one month after birth, of your mice without the selection cassette will be charged to you, in addition to the KO rate.



A statement of work will be established by the platform and approved by the collaborating team, at the end of each stage.

The invoice and payment will be processed directly with the management of Institut Cochin.

Good for agreement followed by the date and the signature of the team leader: Platform for homologous recombination, embryo transfer and cryopreservation (PRHTEC) of Institut Cochin.