The services proposed by the MOUST'IC core facility

Creation of genetically modified mouse models

The MouseT’IC platform offers its expertise and services for the generation of genetically modified mice, an essential tool for the analysis of gene function, for the development of disease models or for the production of recombinant proteins. We are specialized in the generation of these models to establish Knock-In or Knock-Out models, constitutive or conditional. We do this either by using genetic modification of embryonic stem cells (ESC) or by using the CRISPR / Cas9 approach (injection or electroporation of zygotes). We offer support for your projects from the concept and establishment of the targeting strategy until obtaining the desired model. Our lines are established in the Animal Facilitys of the Cochin Institute (SPF or SOPF status).

Line rederivation (decontamination)

The introductions of new murine models in animal facilities are governed by the different health policies of each establishment in order to guarantee the maintenance of the known and defined health status which is an essential point for the study of these models. The re-derivation of a new line is thus generally required in all animal facilities. The MOUSET’IC Core Facility is in charge of all the necessary re-derivations for new introductions to the central animal facilities of Institut Cochin. We also work with centers that require this approach for a large number of lines as part of the rehabilitation or general decontamination of their animal facilities. For 10 years, we have been able to proceed with the re-derivation of more than 400 lines.

Cryopreservation of lines

Cryopreservation offers many advantages. Genetic drift, associated with random mutations in each generation, is avoided. It simplifies the import (by re-derivation) and export (frozen form) of lines. It also helps to avoid the costs of lines kept in a breathable state although not in use. Finally, it is a real safeguard of the lines which allows them to be quickly relaunched if necessary.

The platform offers the freezing of embryos or sperm, with or without quality control, and offers the storage of your samples, which remains your strict property.