The In vivo Imaging facility of Institut Cochin ensures a small animal in vivo imaging service. The facility is specialized in ultrasound imaging of small animal (High resolution ultrasound and shear wave elastography) and uses in vivo bioluminescence imaging (fluorescence and bioluminescence in 2D).

Our facility takes in charge all phases of imaging projects from consultancy or experiment design to results delivery. Image acquisition and subsequent analyses are mostly performed by the facility staff. Mice involved in imaging procedures can be housed in our dedicated animal facility.

The in vivo imaging facility of Institut Cochin is part of the In Vivo Imaging Facility of Université Paris Cité, gathering most of preclinical imaging modalities (µMRI, µPET, EPRi, µCT, 3D bioluminescence, ..) and some clinical  imaging research services.



The PIV core facility is equipped with ultrasound scanners, a bioluminescence imaging device, and anesthesia stations.


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Pre-clinical cardiac ultrasound workshop

On the 26th of September 2023 we will host a workshop dedicated to heart function assessment in pre-clinical models using Strain and Strain Rate tools.

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Preclinical ultrasound practical training

Our facility organises a hands on ultrasound training in ultrasound imaging of small animals.  This training is intended for technician engineers or researchers willing to perform their own small animal ultrasound studies (rats, mice).

This 4 day training includes:

  • 1 day of theoretical courses (ultrasound image formation, Doppler principle and applications)
  • 3 days of hands on session with 3 trainees per system maximum.

This program covers the main applications of small animal ultrasound such as : gestation follow-up, tumor growth follow-up, cardiac function assessment, ultrasound guided micro-injection.

This training program fulfills the French regulation requirements for continuous education and is managed by a certified training organisation (CEA-INSTN). It is in French.




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