Research facilities

Ambiance de labo

Some of the greatest assets to researchers at the Institut Cochin are its extensive research core facilities, committed to provide the capability of analysing biological materials using up-to-date technologies.
The axis defines the overall strategy for making these innovative technologies available. It allocates human and financial resources and coordinates the functioning of the research facilities via a quality policy and common operating rules. Our Research facilities axis comprises 10 research facilities run by around sixty engineers and technicians, who design experimental strategies, size and carry out projects, ensure the availability of equipment, and carry out technological monitoring and methodological research. Each of the research facilities benefits from the skills of an operational manager, dedicated highly qualified personnel, and the assistance of one or more scientific advisors.
Creating models (MOUST'IC), sorting cells to better study them (CYBIO), understanding how they function (METABOL'IC) or diving into the heart of them (IMAG'IC, PIME, HISTIM, PIV) are some of the challenges that researchers face and that our platforms are able to meet. Two decades ago, biology moved from the reductionist "gene/transcript/protein" paradigm to the "genome/transcriptome/proteome" systems biology paradigm. This transition to the "omics" era requires researchers to use technologies that are only available in the high-performance structures that are research facilities (GENOM'IC and PROTEOM'IC).
The research facilities are open to all research teams of Institut Cochin, Université Paris Cité, Inserm and CNRS, as well as to external institutional or private laboratories. The vast majority of the Institute's facilities are certified "QUALITY ISO 9001 - 2015".