Scientific committee

  • Pierre Sohier (physician anatomo-pathologist, Anatomopathology department of Cochin hospital)
  • Céline Méhats (CR1 Inserm - Team Vaiman)
  • Sandrine Bourdoulous (DR2 Inserm - Team Bourdoulous)

The HISTIM facility of Institut Cochin is a laboratory specialized in histological studies and techniques. The HIStIM facility is open to the teams of Institut Cochin and also to external research teams from public and private institutions.

  • First, our laboratory provides technical services and advices to researchers for their studies concerning anatomy-pathology of small animals and of human tissues. It takes on your samples in any step of the histological process, according to your request: preparation of embedded tissues in paraffin, sections of paraffin tissues or frozen tissues on microtome or cryostat, microvolume or cryostat, histological standard stains (HE, HES) or specific stains (Masson, Pearls, PAS, etc.), immunostaining with DAB or fluorescent revelation.
  • Second, we supply a training service for different techniques and equipment related to histological studies. Five equipments are available after training : a microtome, a cryostat, a laser microdissector, a microscope for fluorescence, a slide scanner.

The HISTIM platform is networked with the PARCC «Morphology and Histology» platform (leader: Corinne Lesaffre). The platforms have become a single platform with 2 poles. This unique platform has been labeled Université ex-Paris Descartes. This combination allows a pooling of skills, expertise and a sharing of equipment and services that become accessible, at the same price, to all teams from a Université Paris Cité entity.


Since 2010, the platforms of Institut Cochin, with the help of Yousra Lottin, Qualitician engineer, have engaged in a quality approach. In 2012, they were certified to Norme ISO 9001: version 2008. This certification is renewed every year after audit and in 2018, the platforms have been certified to Norme Iso9001: Version 2015. HISTIM has also been labeled IBISA in 2022.


The platform handles your samples at any stage of the histological process: paraffin block inclusion, cryostat or microtome sectioning, standard staining, specific or immunostaining, slide scanning, analyses.

Requests for technical services are made via the « Open Iris » website. In the "Services" tab of the HISTIM platform, you will have access to the various service requests which will have to be completed and completed with the appropriate Excel forms. The Excel forms are to be downloaded in each tab of the different services. They are to be brought in paper version together with the samples.

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Lames blanche de coupe au microtome ou cryostat



Maryline Favier

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