​Created in 2006, the association of young researchers of Institut Cochin (JeCCo) brings together young PhD students, post-doctoral students as well as technicians and engineers.

Its objective is to promote the integration of young people from the institute into the scientific community and to build a network. It also allows all the personnel of the institute, whether they are researchers or not, to have an active part in the life of the institute through animations and scientific events.

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Photo des membres du bureau Jecco 2024-2025

The board members

The 2024-2025 board was elected on February 9, 2024 during the association's annual general meeting. It is composed of:

  • Sylvain Albanet - President
  • Marie-Myriam Habti - Vice-president
  • Eliot Richez - Treasurer
  • Gabriela Sarango - Secretary
  • Hugo Génin - Vice-secretary
  • Aurélien Touzain - Communication


JeCCo is a dynamic association with many activities

​Career pursuit

Supporting students, young researchers and non-statutory staff in their professional project and promoting their professional integration are essential missions of the association. For this, JeCCo regularly organizes scientific events, "afterworks" and professional breakfasts to facilitate meetings and exchanges with other young people as well as professionals from the public or private sector.

Furthermore, JeCCo is a member of the BioTechno network. This network helps to promote the training of doctors as well as to improve the integration of young graduates into the private world. JeCCo, in collaboration with other associations, takes part in the organization of the BIOTechno Paris Forums.

Scientific events and meetings

​JeCCo wishes to bring together people working at the institute around activities such as afterlabs, Olympics and others. These events make it possible to meet people from other teams / buildings in a friendly atmosphere.

Many nationalities and languages ​​are represented at Institut Cochin. JeCCo has therefore launched its "JeCComunicate" event. The objective is to form pairs for linguistic exchanges in a simple and fun way.

One of JeCCo's flagship events is the annual symposium. This one or two-day symposium is organized entirely by the members of the board as well as volunteers of the institute, the aim being to organize from A to Z a scientific congress on an innovative theme carefully chosen by the committee of organization.

Some projects are carried out jointly with other associations: YUMP meetings (Young researchers Union Meetings in Paris), ski trips (“Researchers are skiing”), inter-association picnics as well as sports competitions.

Scientific mediation

​We live today in a world where scientific and technological knowledge is in full expansion. In order to contribute to the sharing of scientific culture, JeCCo organizes actions contributing to the promotion of science: “Fête de la science”, “Apprentis Chercheurs”, “PhD days''... It is through these activities that JeCCo tries to arouse the interest of the “general public”, arouse the curiosity of the youngest and thus reveal their taste for science.