Energy homeostasis in living beings can be defined through the principle of conservation of matter: "Rien ne se perd, rien ne se crée, tout se transforme" (Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed, Lavoisier, Elementary Treaty of Chemistry, 1789). The vocation of the METABOL'IC analysis platform is to offer scientists an exhaustive characterization of the components of energy homeostasis and more particularly the analysis of metabolism from cell to small animal.

To date, we are equipped with an indirect calorimetry cage module (Promethion-Core©), making it possible to quantify the different components of the energy balance and the associated behaviors, and with a body composition analyzer (RMN Brucker©), and we are in the process of acquiring a SeaHorse system allowing characterization of the bioenergetic profile of cells and cell phenotyping.

Our tools are part of the understanding of the pathophysiology of metabolic diseases (diabetes, metabolic syndrome, eating disorders and cancer, etc.).

    The scientific committee

    METABOL’IC is placed under the responsibility of:

    • Raphaël Denis, Research Engineer Université Paris Cité

    with scientific advisers:


    The METABOL'IC platform is open to the entire scientific community, academic and private, in Ile-de-France as well as at the national and international levels.

    The mission of the METABOL'IC analysis platform is to offer scientists an exhaustive characterization of the components of energy homeostasis.

    • Recording indirect calorimetry
    • Analysis and interpretation of indirect calorimetry data
    • Body composition in animals
    • Accommodation, longitudinal study and follow-up of animals (body composition, weight, food intake, temperature monitoring, diet monitoring, calorimetry)

    (1) This includes calorimetric analysis for 8 mice.
    (2) Corresponds to the analysis and interpretation of data from the METABOL’IC platform, this cost may vary depending on the complexity of the protocol.
    (3) Analysis carried out on data collected on another platform than METABOL’IC, this cost may vary according to the complexity of the protocol
    (4) The calorimetric study requires a RMN analysis minimum at the start and output of the platform.
    (5) This service includes two body composition analyzes, weight monitoring and diet monitoring.

    * Accommodation pricing.
    ** The exact cost will be seen and recalculated with valuation and legal services
    The prices presented are indicative and can be adapted according to the number of services.

    The platform services are subject to the acceptance of the conditions listed in the platform charter ("PFIC METABOL’IC Charter.pdf") and after the project has been discussed with those in charge of the platform, in order to guarantee its feasibility in accordance with the availability, the capacity of the platform and the health and ethical regulations.

    The METABOL'IC platform team is available to exchange views, to discuss the various aspects of the request and the scientific project, and, in accordance with the scientific user, the realization of the experimental details, the method, the analysis and the interpretation of results.


    Indirect calorimetry

    The METABOL’IC platform provides users with an indirect calorimetry system (SableSys ©) for 8 mice allowing an exhaustive exploration of the metabolic phenotype of the animal. It allows simultaneous and non-invasive monitoring and recording of food and water intake, locomotor activity and energy expenditure.

    This tool thus makes it possible to evaluate parameters over time such as:

    • food and water intake, (qualitative and quantitative),
    • oxygen consumption (O2) and carbon dioxide (CO2) production,
    • the respiratory quotient,
    • total energy expenditure, at rest and during exercise,
    • spontaneous locomotor activity,
    • the detection of Volatile Organic Compounds.

    The system also allows the visualization of different components of animal behavior.

    Equipement Equipement- Metabol'IC

    Body Composition analysis

    The Metabol’IC platform provides users with:

    A body mass composition analyzer (BRUKER) for mice and rats (tissues, organs or biopsies) - LF-series. It provides a simple, fast and accurate method for the measurement of fat mass, lean mass (muscle) and water content of mouse or rat.

    The analysis is non-invasive, it does not require anesthesia. Fast, the scan takes less than 2 minutes. It guarantees minimal stress for the animal.

    It is an indispensable tool for longitudinal studies. Particularly on animal models presenting a suspicion of metabolic alteration (variation in weight, variation in food intake, alteration in locomotor behavior and body temperature, etc.)

    Expertise and support in the development of physiological exploration protocols

    The METABOL’IC platform team has solid expertise in the field of animal physiology and functional metabolic exploration in animals in vivo. This includes the physiological regulation of metabolic processes on the one hand and, the processes of disruption of energy metabolism, eating behavior in pathophysiological conditions such as obesity and diabetes on the other hand.

    The development of a scientific protocol is proposed in accordance with ethical and health regulations.

    In addition to the expertise in carrying out scientific projects, we offer expertise in the analysis and interpretation of data collected elsewhere.

    Processus Processus-Metabol'IC



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