Scientific animation and mediation

Institut Cochin staff are committed to sharing their research work with as many people as possible, both with scientific colleagues and with the general public.

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Congrès des Apprentis Chercheurs du 11 mai 2022

Seminars and conferences

Find here the scientific events and seminars organized by Institut Cochin.

Science and society

Institut Cochin attaches great importance to dialogue between research actors and citizens. Scientific research must be carried out as closely as possible to society's expectations and lead to exchanges that help researchers progress in their own thinking.

Discover here our many actions intended to raise awareness among all audiences (schools, families, associations) about the scientific approach, to share the discoveries and daily life of our laboratories and to raise mutual questions.

dialogue entre un ingénieur et des scolaires
Logo de l'association JeCCo

JeCCo: The association of Institut Cochin young researchers

Created in 2006, the association of Institut Cochin young researchers (JeCCo) brings together young doctoral students, post-doctoral students as well as technical staff.

Its objective is to promote the integration of young people from the Institute into the scientific community and to build a network. It also allows all the personnel of the Institute, whether they are researchers or not, to have an active part in the life of the institute through animations and scientific events.

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