The electron microscopy platform specializes in the ultrastructural analysis of biological molecules, cells and tissues, from basic research to applied research. Our areas of expertise cover the description and characterization of normal and pathological tissues, and the identification and localization of proteins. Our techniques are complementary to traditional optical microscopy, allowing us a nanometer-scale precision.

What is particularly important in electron microscopy, we automatically provide assistance in the analysis, interpretation and presentation of results and images.


For any new project, a preliminary meeting is essential and mandatory. Indeed, the fixing is carried out by the user and must respect a precise protocol determined during this meeting. Before each request, you must complete and send us the sample deposit form (click here to download it).

Each sample must reach us in a separate, well-identified tube.

  • Samples are dropped off on Mondays, and MUST be notified in advance.
  • As regards isolated cells which cannot wait, reception will be possible on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning before 10 am.
  • We only handle already fixed samples.
  • Cell pellets and tissues should NEVER be dry.

See detailed protocols. Do not use protocols from another source.

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Plateforme PIME- image prestations


  • Transmission electron microscope JEOL 1011 (Tungsten filaments)
  • Digital camera GATAN Erlangshen port 35 mm
  • Digital camera GATAN Orius SC1000 High resolution port
  • Digital Micrograph software
  • 2 Ultra cryo microtomes Reichert Ultracut S, one equipped with FCS tank.
  • Carbon Coater Cressington 208


Hourly cost:

  • Institut Cochin teams: 40.00 euros excluding tax
  • External teams, public labs: 45.00 euros excluding tax
  • Private labs: on estimate.

This general cost is a sum of the different steps of an electron microscopy work: fixation (if applicable), inclusion, sectioning, labeling and observation.

For the case of an ultrastructure-type experiment, with inclusion, section, observation, acquisition and analysis, taking four experimental conditions as a basis, the cost is approximately 300 euros for Institut Cochin and 600 euros for an external request.

Immunological labeling will be more expensive, based on the Tokuyasu technique, which requires time and often a lot of development.


22 rue Méchain
75014 Paris

Offices direct lines: +33 (0)1 40 51 64 32 or +33 (0)1 40 51 66 27

  • Offices: Second floor room 234
  • Microscope: Ground floor to the left when entering from rue Méchain.
  • Section lab: Second floor room 228.

For any project, please contact us by email (link below).

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