The equipments proposed by the PIV core facility

PIV-image Echographe

Ultrasound scanners

The platform has 2 high-resolution VEVO2100 ultrasound scanners (Visualsonics), dedicated to small animals, allowing a real-time imaging with image resolution adapted to small animals.

  • Probes MS250 (18MHz), MS550 (40MHz) and MS700 (50MHz)
  • Doppler imaging modes
  • 3D
  • Cardiology analysis package (LVTrace)
  • Nonlinear Contrast ultrasound imaging mode with quantification software

The platform also has an ultra-fast clinical ultrasound scanner, Aixplorer (Supersonic Imagine) for shear wave elastography imaging. Ultrafast Doppler.

  • Probes L22-7 (15MHz), SL15-4 (10MHz) and SLV16-5)
  • Supersonic Shear Wave Imaging (SWE)
  • Research package
  • Ultrafast Doppler

The Vantage 256 ultrasound system (Verasonics) is a programmable ultra-fast ultrasound system.

  • 256-channel ultrasound system
  • High frequency option
  • UTA-260-D and 256 plates
PIV-image Echographe
PIV-image pour échographe Aixplorer
PIV-image pour échographe Vantage 256

Animal temporary housing

Two racks of 80 individual ventilated disposable cages (Innovive)

Isoflurane Anesthesia Systems

Four Isoflurane anesthesia stations (Minerve)

Bioluminescence imaging

Photon Imager RT (Biospacelab)

2D bioluminescence imaging system.

  • Real time photon count for 2D bioluminescence imaging
  • 2d Fluorescence imaging : Excitation 600-710nmEmission 600-810nm
PIV-imagerie de bioluminescence