Regulation of T cell effector functions

We conduct an exploratory type of basic research that aims at a better understanding of the contribution of steady state interactions between T cells and their environment in both the maintenance of immune tolerance and the ability of the immune system to mount efficient reponses in various pathologic conditions. In particular, our projects raise important points regarding the regulation of T-cell responses to self antigens in the steady state and in the context of cancer. Our ultimate goal is is to identify key molecular and cellular actors modulating the functions and differentiation of T lymphocytes and to characterize the mechanisms involved.
More precisely, the main topics developped in our team are the following:
- Ontogeny and functions of peripheral regulatory CD4 T cells in the steady state and in the context of cancer (C. Auffray)
- Role of transcription factor Foxo1 in T-cell functions and immunosenescence (B. Lucas)
- Iron as an adjuvant for anti-tumor responses (B. Martin)
To carry out these projects, we combine animal models, multiparametric cytometry, imaging and genomics.