Pathogenesis and innovative therapies in systemic sclerosis and chronic fibro-inflammatory diseases

Systemic sclerosis (SSc), rheumatoid arthritis and endometriosis are fibro-inflammatory disease affecting connective tissue, articulation and peritoneal cavity. The pathogenesis is incompletely understood but it is thought to occur because of interactions between susceptibility genes and environmental factors. Our group is committed to decipher pathogenesis of these complex diseases since many years.
Our strategies include genetic susceptibility, polarization of innate and adaptative immune responses, role of reactive oxygen species and microbiota in the interplay between various systems, epigenetic marks contributing to fibroblast dysfunction and chronic inflammation, with the ultimate goal to develop biomarkers and new therapies. We have established a huge databank of DNA, mRNA, serum, plasma, tissues and cells to perform translational research.  Moreover, we have established a pre-clinical platform of SSc related and complementary animal models to investigate in vivo any relevant candidate as a potential treatment. We are working thanks to the expertise and recruitment at Cochin University Hospital.

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