Hypertensive Diseases of Pregnancy and Intrauterine Growth Retardation


Even nowadays, pregnancy is considered a risky episode in a woman's life. Among the main diseases affecting pregnant women is preeclampsia, characterized by hypertension and proteinuria, developed as a result of pregnancy. Preeclampsia kills 70,000 women a year worldwide. Premature termination of pregnancy is the main medical solution adopted, resulting in the birth of premature and/or intrauterine growth retardant (IUGR) babies, sometimes so early that one million children die as a result of preeclampsia developed by the mother. Finally, these pathologies induce long-term consequences (cardiovascular risk, renal dysfunction, etc. in the mother and child). This is the principle of DOHAD – Developmental Origin of Health And Disease.

illustration projet 1. Maladies Hypertensives de la Grossesse et Retard de Croissance Intra-Utérin équipe Vaiman

We study the mechanisms causing preeclampsia. For this we have generated a mouse model of pathology, which we study from all angles. We analyze the molecular consequences of these pregnancy abnormalities, from the point of view of genetics and epigenetics. We develop therapeutic approaches, aimed in particular at adequately regulating oxidative stress in placental tissue.