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Institut Cochin is a biomedical research center located in the heart of Paris, affiliated to Inserm, CNRS and Université Paris Cité.

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MACSima™ Platform from Miltenyi Biotec at Institut Cochin

Miltenyi Biotec’s MACSima™ technology arrives at Institut Cochin, on the HISTIM histology platform led by Maryline Favier. MACSima™ is a 3D imaging platform combining hyperplex labeling and an automated image acquisition and analysis system. Up to 200 protein labelings are possible on a single tissue slide. 3D imaging offers Institut Cochin the means to explore the full potential of space biology.

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41 Research teams
10 Core facilities
650 Collaborators
350 Publications per year
150 Research projects
30 Thesis defenses per year

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Institut Cochin is a biomedical research center located on the Cochin Hospital campus, bringing together 650 collaborators ...

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