PhD studies at Institut Cochin

Institut Cochin, located within the Cochin-Port Royal hospital, allows the doctoral training of young scientists, as well as physicians and pharmacists, in various fields of biomedical research with many interactions between our main axes of research: Microbiology, Immunology, Cancer, Metabolism and Endocrinology, Genetic and Cellular Plasticity.

Institut Cochin PhD students are supported throughout their studies by the follow-up committee of PhD studies (CSD), made up of researchers and doctoral students. They thus benefit from collective and personalized support, each with a godfather or godmother.

PhD students regularly present their work (in English) during weekly seminars or during PhD days which take place under the conditions of an international congress, in front of all the colleagues of the institute, with prizes for the 3 best presentations .

As young researchers, they participate in the scientific activities of the institute: seminars, team meetings, annual conferences organized by Institut Cochin (Jean-Claude Dreyfus conference, Miltenyi symposium) and have access to scientific meetings, conferences, workshops and training.

With the association of young researchers JeCCo, the CSD ensures the development of skills and the preparation of the professional future of PhD students, as well as their good integration into Institut Cochin during their 3 to 4 years of studies.

Many scientific and fun activities as well as solidarity actions, are organized by JeCCo, allowing frequent meetings and forging professional and friendly ties. JeCCo also actively participates in the scientific mediation actions of the Institute.

JeCCo remains in contact with the Institute's Alumni, thus promoting the development of a network that benefits all young researchers and, more broadly, all staff.

répartition étudiants dans les différentes écoles doctorales

Doctoral Schools linked to Institut Cochin

Institut Cochin PhD students mainly depend on 3 Doctoral Schools of Université Paris Cité covering different disciplines of biological and biomedical research:

BioSPC: Cellular and Molecular Biology, Development, Immunology, Infectiology, Genetics, Neurobiology, Physiology, Physiopathology, Reproduction and Aging (ED 562)
HOB:  Hematology, Oncogenesis, Biotherapies (ED561)
MTCI:  Medicine, Toxicology, Chemistry, Imaging (ED 563)