Key figures of Institut Cochin

Today, Institut Cochin is one of the largest academic biomedical research centers in France.  Institut Cochin is under the joint administrative supervision of Inserm, CNRS, and Université Paris Cité.

Some key figures

Located in the heart of Paris, on the site of the Cochin-Port-Royal hospital (AP-HP Centre), the Institute brings together more than 600 collaborators, researchers, clinicians, teacher-researchers, technical and administrative engineers, as well as young scientists, including post-doctoral fellows, doctoral students and students at various levels including Masters. Together, we share the same objective, to advance knowledge of the biological mechanisms controlling physiological and pathological situations in humans.

Our teams, our laboratories

  • 42 research teams, including 3 teams having ERC-starting grants, 1 team having an ERC-consolidator grant, and 1 ATIP-AVENIR team
  • 10 technological core facilities
  • 5 priority research axes
  • 370 ongoing research projects
  • More than 16,000 m2 of laboratory space in 4 buildings

Our research support structures

  • 8 research support centers (Management-Finance, Human Resources, Risk Prevention, Valorization & Technology Transfer, Communication, IT Maintenance, Technical Maintenance, Preparatory kitchen.
  • 40 people

Our collaborators

Institut Cochin has more than 600 employees of 25 different nationalities

  • 121 Researchers and teacher-researchers
  • 89 teaching physicians and physician-scientists
  • 53 post-doctoral researchers
  • 111 PhD students
  • 149 Engineers, technicians, and administrative staff with permanent positions
  • 50 Engineers, technicians, and administrative staff on contract
  • 38 Master 2 students
  • 5 apprenticeship contracts
  • and between 20 and 30 interns each year

Our public and private funding

The institute has annual budgets from its supervisory bodies, Inserm, CNRS, and Université Paris Cité. This endowment, which is mainly intended for the operation of the Institut, amounted to approximately €2.5M in 2021.

This budget is supplemented by public and private funds from research funding bodies, including the ANR, ANRS-MIE, INCa, European Union, FRM, Sidaction, etc., raised by our research teams to support their research projects. The teams raise an average of €12M in grants each year, 50% of which is dedicated to funding contractual personnel.

For the past two years, Institut Cochin has also called on private donations to finance its research projects, equipment, and young researchers. More information...