One of the main challenges in HIV research remains understanding the mechanisms of viral latency and of viral rebound after antiretroviral treatment interruption. It remains essential not only to characterize viral reservoirs, both at the cellular and molecular level, but also to understand the mechanisms involved in their reactivation in order to be able to consider eradication therapeutic strategies.

    Over the years, we have contributed to the characterization of viral reservoirs in HIV-1 and HIV-2 infected patients, both in CD4+ T-cell subsets from blood and tissue (Ribeiro Dos Santos et al. 2011, Fabre-Mersseman et al. 2011, Samri et al. 2019) and in DCs or splenic macrophages (Mc Ilroy et al. 1995 and 1996), but also in resident tissue macrophages of the male urethra (Ganor, et al 2019). Additionally, through the development of ultra-sensitive, high-throughput DNA quantification technology called DUSQ (DNA Ultra-Sensitive Quantification), we have recently demonstrated that unintegrated linear HIV-1 DNAs can persist for more than 3 months in the recently infected cells, showing that the pre-integrative latency has an important role in the dynamics of establishment of the viral reservoir. Finally, we have demonstrated that treatment with IL-7 can, in the medium term, reduce viral reservoirs in patients (Logerot et al. 2018).

    Our aims now are:

    1. To characterize the dynamics and parameters of pre-integrative latency in vitro and in vivo and more precisely to specify the molecular environment responsible for the stability of non-integrated linear DNAs.
    2. To define therapeutic combinations (Shock and Kill) likely to stimulate the reactivation of reservoirs and their elimination by the immune system.


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