The slice assay: a new preclinical model to monitor T cell activity in human tissues

Figure projet Un nouveau modèle préclinique pour évaluer l’activité des lymphocytes T dans des tissus humains


The team has set up a novel experimental system of tissue slices which, combined to dynamic imaging, enables the visualization and tracking of T cells in murine and human tissues, including tumors.
The tumor slice assay for monitoring T cell activities by video fluorescence microscopy in a preserved tumor microenvironment. Fluorescently labeled T cells are plated onto thick slices prepared from a human tumor biopsy. The localization, migration and activation of the plated T cells are then evaluated.

This approach offers a number of possibilities:

  • Evaluating the effects of novel immunotherapy
  • Screening for therapeutic molecules able to restore T cell migration within tumors
  • Monitoring the efficacy of CAR T cells and improving their therapeutic value
  • Testing the toxicity of immunotherapy