Welcome to the new Team, Trophoblast biology and placental vascular disorders, led by Édouard Lecarpentier


Édouard Lecarpentier is a Professor in obstetrics and gynecology. His research focuses on placental vascular pathologies (preeclampsia, growth retardation). During his doctorate at Université Paris Cité, he demonstrated the mechano-sensitivity of the human syncytiotrophoblast to the shear stress exerted by maternal intraplacental blood flows. He carried out his post-doctoral fellowship in Boston in the Ananth Karumanchi’s laboratory (Center for Vascular Biology Research, Harvard Medical School) during which he developed techniques to measure circulating placental angiogenic factors (PlGF, VEGF-A). He obtained ANR funding (AAPG-2021-PRC) to develop extracorporeal purification columns specific for the sVEGFR1 (sFLT-1) protein.

Marion Barthe (postdoc), and Audrey Ridoux (hospital engineer)

With his team at Institut Cochin, he will study the molecular mechanisms regulating the angiogenic function of the human trophoblast as well as the role of cyclic AMP signaling in normal and pathological trophoblast differentiation. To meet its objectives, his team will use models of trophoblastic stem cells and placental organoids combined with genome editing approaches as well as RNA sequencing techniques on isolated cells and nuclei.


Édouard Lecarpentier

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