Seishi OGAWA - DDX41-mutated myeloid neoplasms

Seishi Ogawa

15 September 2022

Professor Seishi OGAWA, Kyoto University

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12:OO -
Conference room Rosalind Franklin
research professional
Reduced mobility access

Professor Ogawa is Professor in the Department of Pathology and Tumor Biology, Kyoto University, Japan and and Guest Professor in the Department of Molecular Hematology, Karolinska Institute, Sweden. As a molecular geneticist, he discovered mutations in splicing factors affecting myeloid neoplasms (Nature 2011) and reported the molecular characterisation, relationship to phenotype and application to treatment decision making in several cancers (urothelial carcinoma, breast cancer, colorectal cancer) or predisposing situations (clonal hematopoiesis). He is the author of more than 500 publications in high impact journals.

This talk will tell us about the absolute risk (or penetrance) of DDX41 germline variants and their impact relative to other predisposing mutations in myeloid neoplasms, together with their genetics and other clinical impacts, such as unique co-mutation patterns and mutational trajectory from MDS to AML, and their effects on clinical outcomes.

Selected publications

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Invited by Michaela Fontenay.