Deciphering tumor-specific T cells in Acute Myeloid Leukemia

Research project

Acute Myeloid Leukemias (AML) are a heterogeneous group of blood cancers. Recently, the presence of neoantigens tumor-specific T cells has been reported, opening a new area of research in AML. Our project will explore whether these T cells response can be broadly identified in AML using advances methodologies, to determine which AML patients could be a good candidate for immunotherapies targeting T cells. To this end, two strategies will be used: 1- Identification and characterization of tumor-specific T cells using high throughput screening approaches for tumor epitopes (i.e. neoantigens, tumor-associated antigens). 2- Identification of tumor-specific T cells through their TCR repertoire using a multi-omics approach. These two strategies will be applied in blood and bone marrow of AML patients at diagnosis, and after treatment (remission and/or relapse). This project will allow us to better understand tumor-specific T cells response in AML patients (e.g. shared tumor epitopes and tumor specific TCR, phenotypic characterisation of tumor-specific T cells) and determined if innovative therapeutic approach could be developed in AML treatment(e.g. TCR transgenic T cells, neoantigens vaccination).



Yannick Simoni

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