The services proposed by the CYBIO facility

Cell sorting

The facility provides full-service of cell sorting services on the ARIA III or ASTRIOS sorters in a L2 environment.

How to access cell sorting services?

Before your first sorting, contact the facility (by email or phone) for a presentation appointment in which the manager of the facility, the user and his/her project manager will participate. After this appointment, we will give you the CYBIO charter form if you are not already a user (to be returned to us signed).

The service is billed per hour of sorting. At the end of each quarter, a work report with the count is sent to the user's team leader.

In view of the number of sorting requests, we advise you to plan your sorting well in advance.

Biomarkers quantification

Since 2012, the CYBIO core facility has offered the quantification of biomarkers by Luminex® technology, by MSD technology and more recently by the ultrasensitive ELISA digital Simoa® technology (Quanterix) in the form of services.

Contact the facility for the choice of the most suitable technology for your case (type of sample, etc.).

How to request a dosage service from CYBIO? :

  • If you need, take an appointment by email with the facility to discuss the project (kit chosen, type and number of samples, performance or not of the test ...)
  • Complete and sign the platform form (CYBIO Charter)
  • Fill out the dosage request form on the Open IRIS website, Services section.

We offer you two options:

  • without realization (only for MSD): it is the user who carries out the test and we take care of the reading of the plate(s) as well as the analysis of the results.
  • with realization (mandatory for Luminex and for the SIMOA): we carry out the test, the data acquisition and the analysis of the results.

For further information, contact the facility on 01 40 51 65 08 or 66 20, or by email.

Single cell analysis

Since 2019, the CYBIO facility offers the preparation of samples for analysis in Single Cell RNASeq (or Single Nuclei) in collaboration with the GENOM'IC facility.

The platform offers as a service:

- the preparation of samples for analysis in Single Cell RNASeq (example: preparation of nuclei from frozen tissues, ...)
- and/or cell sorting (or nuclei) and encapsidation by Chromium (10X Genomics) for analysis in Single Cell RNASeq by the GENOM'IC facility (Single cell/nuclei RNASeq, CITE seq, ATAC, Multiome ATAC + gene expression  …)

Fill out the Single cell service pre-request form online via the following link: 

The Cybio and / or Genom'IC facilities will contact you to discuss about your project once the form has been completed.