A busy week for the team "Biology of Pahgocytes, Infection and Immunity"

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What a week for the PHAG'IC "Biology of Phagocytes, Infection, and Immunity" team! In Budapest, during the European Phagocytes Workshop, Tais Matozo, Suzanne Faure-Dupuy, and Florence Niedergang have all presented a poster. Moreover, Florence chaired the "Phagocytes in disease" session. In Paris, for the Sidaction 2023 Scientifique Day, Floriane Herit presented the work on HIV and opportunistic bacteria co-infections, supported by the Sidaction. 

Thank you for these great opportunities for scientific discussions and thank you to the European Phagocytes Workshop for the two travel grants allocated to Tais Matozo and Suzanne Faure-Dupuy.

We are coming back to the laboratory with plenty of new ideas.