Ecological transition group, ECo2

The Cochin Ecology think tank ECo2, on the theme of ecological transition and sustainable development in laboratories, was set up in October 2019 with around thirty volunteers, ITAs, researchers, doctoral students.

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The ECo2 group is made up of an management team and focuses its work around 5 themes:

  • Everyday life
  • Laboratory waste
  • Carbon footprint/Buildings and equipment
  • Carbon footprint / Data storage-Messaging
  • Carbon footprint / Missions-Travel.

The group is supported by the management.

The goal is to reduce the impact of our institute on the environment. For this, the objectives are 1) to take stock of our research activities, travel, digital, buildings and devices, disposable laboratory materials, 2) to organize the reduction and recycling of our waste, 3) to raise staff awareness through surveys, seminars, information actions.

In conjunction with the management and the hospital, we are reorganizing some waste streams (paper, cardboard, computer equipment). We are organizing a major computer cleaning on the occasion of the Cyber World Clean Up Day

Management members

Muriel Andrieu

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Marie-Christine Rouyez

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