Thematic clubs

Several informal discussion groups so-called "clubs" regularly bring together scientists from Institut Cochin (and sometimes from other laboratories) sharing scientific interests on specific topics. These clubs offer many opportunities to take advantage of the diversity of technologies and expertise of the Institute, and forster collaborations.

séminaires de clubs thématiques

Club muscle

The "club muscle" of Institut Cochin is a monthly external seminar welcoming researchers from all over France working on skeletal or cardiac muscle. The work presented there is very diverse, ranging from physiology / pathophysiology to genetics, including development and myogenesis, the selection criteria being the originality and quality of the results. The seminars are held in hybrid (face-to-face and broadcast on Zoom) in order to reach a greater number of people and broaden the sharing of knowledge.

Organizers: Florian Britto, Pascal Maire


Club Hémato Cochin

The "Club Hemato Cochin" aims at bringing together all the people of the institute who have an interest, a project or a passion for normal and pathological hematopoiesis, the bone marrow and its implication in diseases, from development to adulthood/aging, from cancer to genetic/environmental disorders (and more).

Organization: Scientists from Institut Cochin organize the meeting together with a sponsor, which will be involved in the organization of a lunch/coffee buffet and will present a product with applications related to the aim of the club. Meetings are being held in Rosalind Franklin room, 3 times a year: 2 scientific presentations of 30 min each, and 10-15 min presentation by the sponsor.

Organizers: Diana Passaro, Michaela Fontenay, Julie Helft, Julie Chaumeil


Club Virologie / VIH

The objective of this club is to gather all the people interested in HIV and more generally in viruses in the Institute (PhD students, ITA, statutory and non-statutory researchers) to allow informal exchanges on scientific and technical subjects around some presentations and a round table.

Organizers: Jacques Dutrieux, Sarah Gallois-Montbrun, Yonatan Ganor


Club PlaGe (Plasticité du Génome)

This club gathers teams from Institut Cochin who directly or indirectly study the integrity and stability of the genome or epigenome, the mechanisms for repairing and maintaining homeostasis and cell identity, tissue development. The club meets monthly in a format of short meetings with one or two speakers and mostly discussions. Once or twice a year, a speaker from outside Institut Cochin is invited.

Organizers: Julie Chaumeil, Michaela Fontenay, Josee Guirouilh-Barbat, Bernard Lopez, Ivan Matic, Benoit Miotto, Eric Pasmant.



This club will provide a forum for scientific exchange on cellular immunotherapies. It will bring together clinicians, researchers, interns, post-docs and students from the Cochin Hospital and Institut Cochin.

Organizers: Emmanuel Donnadieu, Didier Bouscary