What is the Science festival?

Institut Cochin has participated in the national Science festival every year since 2014. Our goal is to open our research laboratories in order to make our work known from the inside, to make our daily life and the diversity of our professions accessible, to raise awareness on the links between basic and applied research, to dialogue with the general public and make them aware of the scientific approach. Every year, the Science festival mobilizes around a hundred volunteers of all staff (technicians, researchers, students and colleagues from the institute's support services).

Organized by the Ministère de l'Enseignement supérieur, de la Recherche et de l'Innovation since 1991, the Science festival takes place every year in October and November. This unmissable scientific culture event offers ten days of free events in mainland France, overseas and internationally. Thousands of scientific but also cultural and educational players come together to share with the public their enthusiasm for science, technology and innovation. Multiple formats of mediation allow to bring science to life for all audiences in a fun and festive approach: workshops, conferences, games, routes, festivals, live shows ans also visits to laboratories, natural or industrial sites.

Each year, the Science festival makes it possible to:

  • raise public awareness of science and its issues
  • promote the sharing of knowledge between researchers and citizens
  • value the work of the scientific community
  • arouse vocations among young people.