Functional zonation of the adrenal cortex

Antoine Martinez (institut Génétique, Reproduction & Développement (iGReD), Clermont Ferrand)

11 May 2023

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12:00 - 13:00
Conference room Rosalind Franklin
Reduced mobility access

The adrenal cortex is a stress response endocrine gland, essential for the maintenance of body homeostasis (carbohydrate-lipid and electrolyte balance, blood pressure and immune response). These hormonal activities depend on its organisation in concentric cell layers, each specialised in the production of a hormonal family of steroids (glucocorticoids, mineralocorticoids, adrenal androgens). The understanding of the mechanisms involved in the functional zonation and maintenance of this organ and its pathological "slippages" have mobilized the attention of our team. Among these mechanisms we have identified antagonistic cell signaling combinations (PKA/b-catenin), epigenetic modifications (PRC2), sexual dimorphism (AR) in relation to the female prevalence of most adrenal diseases and more recently post-translational regulations (SUMOylation). Our approaches include genetic models in mice and clinical collaborations on rare endocrine diseases.

Antoine Martinez is invited by Pascal Maire.