Valorization and technology transfer at the institute

8 to 10 patents / year

20 industrial contracts

2 start-up creations

Institut Cochin has a very active technology transfer program to detect and support the most innovative scientific projects and encourage the transfer of knowledge, expertise, and technologies to the society and economic world.


Our aim is to transform the inventions of the institute's teams into innovations that will contribute to improving medical care and patient health.

From the laboratory to innovation: a dynamic approach to bring our discoveries to the patient's bedside

The missions of the institute's Valorization and Technology Transfer Unit are to:

  • Raise awareness of good practice in the field of research transfer for all of the institute’s staff
  • Identify research projects with potential for a development process
  • Support researchers in the process of developing their innovative projects and protecting the intellectual property of their discoveries
  • Ensure the financing of innovative projects from Institut Cochin's teams, through the development of Institut Cochin's call for proof-of-concept projects.
  • Strengthen the links between the institute's teams and its industrial partners, through the organization of an annual event dedicated to Institut Cochin's innovative projects, the "Donny Strosberg Day”

The Institut Cochin Valorization & Technology Transfer team implements this strategy in close collaboration with the institute's management and in partnership with the valorization structures of the institute's supervisory bodies (Inserm Transfert, CNRS Innovation, Université Paris Cité) and the SATT Erganeo.

Institut Cochin supports the pre-maturation of innovative projects

Each year, a call for projects is launched among the institute's research teams: the POC (proof of concept) program. This call for projects finances the first stages of development of innovative research projects (pre-maturation). At each call for projects, the Valorization & Technology Transfer team selects the projects with the highest potential for transfer among the projects submitted. Elsevier has supported this program since 2017 by awarding an Institut Cochin-Elsevier Innovation Prize.

The Institut Cochin technology transfer day

Every year, Institut Cochin Valorization and Technology Transfer Unit organizes a day dedicated to technology transfer, the Donny Strosberg Day. This day is a special event organized around the innovative projects of the institute's teams.

This event is an opportunity to encourage meetings and discussions between industry, researchers, and R&D players.

Photo de l'assistance à la journée valorisation Donny Strosberg de l'Institut Cochin