FBI-Advanced Training 2022 on Multiscale Fluorescence Imaging

Scientifique Du 21/11/2022 au 25/11/2022 Institut Cochin, Paris
Fin des inscriptions le 30/10/2022
Microscopie Super Résolution

France-BioImaging, with its partner the GDR IMABIO, organizes the 4th edition of the FBI-AT: an advanced microscopy workshop to be held in Paris from November 21st to 25th, 2022.

The aim of this France-BioImaging-Advanced Training is to train microscopy users on the most advanced imaging techniques that will allow them to perform molecular studies at the cellular level as well as in thick samples. In particular, recent developments on fluorescent probes will be highlighted. The workshop will benefit from state-of-the-art equipment available on several of the Parisian Node Imaging facilities.

This year’s edition will have plenary lectures given by experts in the microscopy development field. These seminars will be advertised as a series and will be broadcasted for a large audience.  In addition, specific techniques will be introduced.

Hands-on practicals will train attendants on these techniques every afternoon in different sites in Paris including Institut Curie, Institut Pasteur, Institut Cochin, Institut Jacques Monod, Institut de Psychiatrie et Neurosciences de Paris and ENS Paris. Access to this part of training will be restricted to selected and registered trainees.

Website: https://france-bioimaging.org/trainings/fbi-at-2022/

Registration url: https://france-bioimaging.org/trainings/fbi-at-2022/fbi-at-2022-registration/