The orphan GPCR GPR158 in depression: from the structure to the ligand and from the nanobody to the first preclinical trial

Thibaut Laboute (iBraiN institute, Tours)

22 février 2024


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12:00 - 13:00
Salle Rosalind Franklin
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Thibaut studied GPCR pharmacology during his PhD thesis in the lab of Dr Le Merrer & Dr Becker aiming to decipher the signaling of the orphan GPCR GPR88. During his PhD thesis he published the original signaling of GPR88 and isolated 2 pharmacologically active nanobodies targeting GPR88 (in vitro & in vivo). Next, he gets recruited at Scripps Research Institute (Florida) in Pr Martemyanov lab where he solved the structure, deorphanized GPR158 (AKA mGlyR) and identified the Nb20. Now back in France, Thibaut is working on elucidating orphan GPCRs signaling with innovative nanobodies at iBraiN institute (Tours).

Thibaut is invited by Latif Rachdi and Raphael Scharfmann.