Loredana Saveanu - Immunoglobulin receptors signaling- impact on antigen presentation and antibody-mediated immunotherapies

Loredana Saveanu, Centre de recherche sur l'inflammation

16 mai 2022

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12h00 - 13h00
Salle Rosalind Franklin et en visio
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Loredana SAVEANU’s career started in the field of MHC-I (Major Histocompatibility Complex class I) antigen presentation, in which she contributed to:

- the identification of a new class of antigen trimming enzymes and

- the description of novel cell biology mechanisms that allow the presentation of exogenous proteins antigens by dendritic cells (DCs) via MHC-I (Nature Immunology 2005, Science 2009). She started her independent group in 2015, as leader of an ATIP-AVENIR team, at Bichat Medical School, in Paris, in the INSERM Unit 1149 (director Pr R Monteiro). Her team investigates the molecular mechanisms by which the endocytic system regulates the trafficking and signaling of immune receptors, such as endosomal TLRs (Nature Immunology 2017), Fc immunoglobulin receptors (unpublished) and antigen T Cell Receptor (Nature Communications 2020).

During this seminar, she will present exclusively unpublished data on immunoglobulin receptors. These data include: the role of intracellular trafficking and endosomal signaling of immunoglobulin receptors  in antibody-mediated cell cytotoxicity (ADCC) and the role of immunoglobulin receptors mediated signaling in antigen cross-presentation.

Invitée par Anne Hosmalin

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