Eliezer Calo - Understanding how LCRs contribute to the assembly and function of high-order assemblies

Eliezer Calo, MIT, department of Biology, USA

28 avril 2022

Photo de Eliezer Calo, MIT Department of Biology, USA

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12:00 - 13:00
Salle Rosalind Franklin et en visio
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A striking feature of the proteome is the abundance and diversity of low complexity regions (LCRs). While LCRs are thought to contribute to the structure and function of high-order assemblies, we lack a unified view of LCR types and their copy number in individual proteins and across the proteome, as well as a comprehensive approach to visualize and study the LCR sequence space and its relation to high order assemblies within and between species.

We developed a systematic, comprehensive, and yet simple approach to visualize, classify, and extract the LCR code from any protein or proteome. Our approach captured the entirety of LCR sequence space within and between species, revealing the boundaries and connections of regions occupied by LCRs. I will present how this approach unifies our view of how sequences of such low complexity can play roles in the assembly and function of vastly diverse higher-order assemblies.

Invité par Antoine Zalc

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