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    Scientific departments of Institut Cochin


    In addition to the management team and the various facilities, there are 38 research teams supported by INSERM, CNRS and UPD distributed into 3 scientific departments.

    The departments of the Institute are primarily scientific structures which play a key role in transmitting bi-directional information and propositions between the Direction and the research teams. They are in charge of the tutoring of PhD students (about 100 PhD students working in the Institute, with about 30 thesis defenses every year), and young scientists, they stimulate scientific contacts and exchanges between teams and they also regularly organize symposia in their respective fields of interest. The director and 2 deputy directors of each scientific department are elected among the team leaders by the department committee; they are members of the board of directors of the Institute.
    There are currently 3 departements in the pluridisciplinary Institut Cochin which titles underline the limited major research axes developed in its teams.

    Endocrinology, Metabolism and Diabetes

    Agnès Lehuen (Director), Tarik Issad and Carina Prip-Buus (Deputy Directors)

    Development, Reproduction and Cancer

    Daniel Vaiman (Director), Béatrice Romagnolo and Pascal Maire (Deputy Directors)

    Infection. Immunity and Inflammation

    Florence Niedergang (Director), Clarisse Berlioz-Torrent and Agnès Fouet (Deputy Directors)