Biomedical research institute

    Research project 4

    Vascular remodeling and autoimmunity

    Our goal is to identify target antigens and study the potential pathogenic role of autoantibodies directed against endothelial cells (Figure 10) or vascular smooth muscle cells in vascular diseases including vasculitis involving large vessels such as the Horton disease (Figure 11), arterial pulmonary hypertension and systemic sclerosis.

    Figure 10: Identification of target antigens of autoantibodies in patients with systemic sclerosis

    Anti-centromere antibodies are detected by indirect fluorescence on HEp-2 cells (upper left panel). Kidney biopsy in a patient with renal crisis depicting vascular remodeling (lower left panel). Novel targets of autoantibodies were identified using a 2-dimensional immunoblotting technique combined with mass spectrometry (right panel).


    Figure 11: Vascular remodeling during systemic sclerosis associated with pulmonary arterial

    This cartoon shows the mediators, celles and inflammatory mechanisms involved in vascular remodelling in systemic sclerosis. Vascular remodeling affects the intima, the media and the adventice of the vessels.