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    Metagenomics and perinatality


    Principal Investigators

    Claire Poyart and Asmaa Tazi ; 01 58 41 15 60 ; 01 40 51 64 55



    In France and industrialized countries, almost half pregnant women and their newborns are administered an antibiotic prophylaxis or therapy during delivery for the prevention of early-onset neonatal bacterial infection, including GBS infection. This antibiotic therapy can have mid to long-term consequences on microbiota establishment and composition and on immune system development. This project aims at analyzing the microbiota associated to neonatal colonization by GBS together with the impact of environmental factors such as antibiotic administration and the feeding diet on microbiota composition.


    The group

    Claire Poyart, professor-hospital practitioner; Asmaa TAZI, associate professor-hospital practitioner; Julie GUIGNOT, scientist; Gerald Touak, technician.


    Research interests

    -     Identify the metagenomics signatures of neonatal colonization par GBS and especially by CC-17 GBS at 3 weeks and 2 months of age. This will allow the development of novel preventive approaches against CC-17 late-onset disease, including a better identification of neonates at risk for infection and direct targeting of the gut microbiota.

    -     Investigate the impact of intrapartum antibiotics on maternal vaginal microbiota and on the composition and functions of the neonate’s intestinal microbiota. Metagenomics, metabolomics and immunological approaches will be used to correlate metagenomics signatures to various functions of the microbiota.

    -     Identify vaginal microbial communities associated with pregnancy complications and neonatal infection. The impact of vaginal dysbiosis and of pathobionts on premature rupture of outer membranes is studied.


    Main publications and patents


    Financial supports

    These programs are supported by

    Grants: PRTS (DGOS-ANR)

    “StrepB17” (PI C. Poyart)

    FRM 2016, INSERM Microbiote 2016, INSPIRE 2017