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    Read carefully :   

    Our facility can process only fixed samples so it is up to the user to perfom this step.

    Ideally, fixation is as rapid as possible, and the techniques used need to be suited to the sample and instrumentation available.


    What is the purpose of fixation for electron microscopy?

    “ preserve the structure of cells with minimum alteration from the living state with regard to volume, morphology, and spatial relationships of organelles and macromolecules, minimum loss of tissue constituents, and protection of specimens against subsequent treatments  including rinsing, dehydration, staining, vacuum and exposure to the electron beam.” Hayat, 2000, Prinicpals and Techniques in Electron Microscopy. Biological Applications. 4th Edition. Cambridge University Press. 

    The above reference is an excellent resource on many techniques involved in preparing biological samples for electron microscopy and is highly recommended.
    Detailled protocols for each step are available in the file section.

    To Submit Samples for TEM:


    1. Contact Alain Schmitt to discuss feasibility, reagents or to request a rough cost estimate of your experiment.
    2. Schedule a meeting with the staff to go over the details of your project & samples. For each step we can provide training.
    3. Please keep us informed on when you expect to bring us the samples. Be aware that isolated cells samples are better treated immediately, so bring them to us before wednesday if possible.
    4. If necessary, we will provide fresh fixative from EM-grade reagents for you on the day that you will fix your samples and bring them to us.
    5. We will ask you to prioritize your samples if you have more than a few. Your morphology work will be processed, sectioned and stained in the order received.
    6. We will stay in touch by e-mail about the status of your project, but we encourage any questions from you.
    7. When your samples are ready for viewing, we will schedule the image acquisition. Bbring a USB flash drive to take your images with you.
    8. Once you have images that you would like to present and/or publish, please let us know and we will be happy to help you with the layout & contrast of your figures.


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